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The seal of the Central Command of the Armed Forces of the Philippines depicts the Command’s goal of attaining peace and fostering development in the Visayas, the central island group of the Republic of the Philippines. The diamond shape of the seal represents the CENTCOM Code of Ethics characterized by the competence, integrity, service and loyalty. The white background symbolizes the purity of intention that guides CENTCOM personnel. The dove with laurel leaves in its beak symbolizes the Command’s vision of bringing peace to this part of the country. The laurel leaves in the dove’s beak symbolizes goodwill to all and a sincere offer of reconciliation to our misguided countrymen who have been misled into resisting democratic governance. The dark blue stripe, the green stripe and the light blue stripe represent the three branches of service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Philippine Navy, the Philippine Army, and the Philippine Air Force, all of which have assigned units to the Central Command.

The colors of the stripes also portray the operational peculiarity of each major service: the light blue stripe on top connotes the sky which is the domain of the Airforce; the green stripe connotes the land where the Army operates; and the dark blue stripe connotes the sea which is the responsibility of the Navy. The lower sides of the diamond form a letter “V”, which stands for the Visayas Region, the home and area of responsibility of the Central Command. It also depicts the universally recognized peace sign, a reminder of the goal of CENTCOM. The gold color symbolizes excellence as the standard of performance of Central Command.


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