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AFP personnel cast their votes at Centcom



A total of 112 organic personnel from Central Command (Centcom) participated in the first day conduct of the Local Absentee Voting (LAV).

The voting started at past 8a.m. on Wednesday (April 27) with Lt. Gen. Nicanor Vivar, commander of Centcom, casting his vote.

“This is our right to suffrage. This is the only way we can contribute to society regarding voting. At ito lang ang aming pwedeng gawin bukod pa dun sa pagsisigurado na maayos yung election natin (This is what we can do aside from ensuring that the elections will be orderly),” he told reporters in an interview after he casted his vote.

The voting was done at the De Goma Hall inside the headquarters of Centcom located at Camp Lapulapu, Barangay Apas in Cebu City.

As early as 7a.m., soldiers who were duly registered by the Commission on Elections (Comelec), waited outside the hall prepared to cast their votes.

Vivar said that the military has always pushed for their right to exercise their votes since they cannot actually participate during election day due to election duties.

“As a good citizen of the country, gusto namin bumoto (we also wanted to vote),” he added.

He also added that he wished that the candidates’ promises and platforms, should they win, will be realized.

Meanwhile, a total of 889 soldiers under the 3rd Infantry (Spearhead) Division participated in their local absentee voting. (By Public Information Office, Central Command, AFP)


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